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As an association, your members are subject to various benefits. That said, sometimes these benefits can be costly for your organization to offer — until now. At KMG Services, LLC, we have established partnerships that allow us to offer your association various health-related benefits at a corporate cost — allowing you to pick and choose from various products and services to provide for your members. Learn more about our high-quality brokered benefit plans below.





Our healthshare benefits are designed to create an affordable alternative to typical major medical and healthcare plans. Offering full-service medical care for hospitalization, out-patient surgery, telehealth, and more are designed to cost as little as $80/month for each individual member of your association.

Direct Primary Care

Healthcare is a must — but one’s ability to afford healthcare is not always there. Direct Primary care allows members to access doctors 24/7 virtually with no copayments. This allows for a medical professional to consult and diagnose most medical issues. With pricing as low as $45/month, medical help and prescriptions for chronic disease and pain management situations are accessible to your members.


Telemedicine allows your members to access physicians 24/7 without the need for copayments. Our telemedicine packages are available at $10/month for coverage of the entire member’s household.

Prescription Card

Prescriptions are usually quite costly. With our PrescriptionCard benefits over 300 of the most common prescription drugs are available at $1 or less. This plan also allows for international pharmacy services where a member can access their prescriptions at a third of the brand name drug’s price. In addition, Prescription Assistance allows for the financial assistance to acquire prescriptions and discounts on pet prescriptions for as low as $15/month.

Accident Policy

Accident Policy plans allow members to access scheduled benefits for accidents. This includes cash benefits for doctor visits, urgent care, emergency room, hospitalization, surgeries, broken bones, and other accidental injuries. These benefits can be provided for as low as $15/month.

Critical Illness Policy

Critical Illness Policies provide lump-sum benefits for cancer, heart attacks, and stroke diagnosis with a minimum of $10,000 benefit. Other conditions like a brain tumor, coma, end-stage renal failure, multiple sclerosis, and more may be eligible for this benefit. Once a member signs up for this benefit, they are locked in at the same age and rate as long as they have the plan. A $10,000 benefit is typically under $20/month for a 60-year-old person.

Disability Income Policy

This policy ensures a member’s income for their occupation should they become disabled. Income for disabilities can be offered in any amount based on income qualifications — with benefit payouts being available from 3 to 12 months as desired. The elimination period may be 0, 7, 14, or 30 days depending on when the individual wants benefits to start paying. Accident and Sickness options available and accident-only plans are available. Participation eligible age 18 – 69. Depending on the chosen plan option, disability is typically guaranteed renewable to age 70. For a $2,000 a month benefit, based on industry, rates as low as $29/month.

Life Insurance

Life insurance benefits guarantee the issue of up to $150,000 in the event of death — with higher individual amounts being available depending on the group or association. Insurance is typically provided on a five-year band — so if a member of your association enrolled at the beginning of the age band, they would have the same guaranteed rate for five years. Cost for a $100,000 death benefit is around $6/month.

Hospital Indemnity Plan

Even after health insurance, an individual might be liable to pay a deductible or coinsurance expenses — even if an extended stay at the hospital affects your income. The indemnity plan is designed to pay direct cash benefits to a member in the event of an extended hospital stay or out-patient surgery. The cash benefits can be used by the member as needed.

Dental Plan

Dental plans are designed to pay 100% of the costs associated with exams and cleaning twice per year, as well as bitewing x-rays. Members enrolled in the plan are allowed to choose their own dental care provider — and more comprehensive dental plans are also available. For around $1,000 of benefit per year, costs are less than $20/month for enrolled members.

Vision Plans

Our vision plans offer discounted plans through network providers and can be tied into a dental plan. Through the network plan, there are no waiting periods and 100% of the cost is paid for an exam annually and pays up to $150 per year towards lenses, frames, or contacts. This will cost an enrolled member less than $10/month.

Short-Term Care

Short-term care is a fairly common need — and most people have known someone who has had some sort of home health care or nursing stay. A short-term care plan allows an enrolled member to receive daily benefits in the event of someone needing home health care or nursing home care. Care with a benefit payout of $100 per day can be offered for as little as $16.50/month — substantially less than the rates of a long-term plan.

Student Loan Reduction

Most people have student loans — and a student loan reduction benefit can help enrolled members reduce their student loan debt by up to 40%. This benefit works with existing federal loan programs to explore loan restructuring and debt forgiveness. This benefit also provides enrolled members to credit repair programs as well.


eCommerce benefits allow for the purchase of over 50,000 products with no interest and divides payments over a six-month period. As a result, enrolled members do not incur interest charges through debt, rentals, or payday loans.

Identity Theft Protection

Enrolled members can protect their identity and credit for as little as $6/month. This benefit includes social security number monitoring, dark web monitoring, identity verification alerts, identity theft victim assistance, lost wallet protection, account takeover alerts, and up to $1 million dollars of insurance depending on state, age, and other factors.

Property & Casualty Insurance

This benefit allows enrolled members to make one call to compare rates of up to 20 different property and casualty carriers — ensuring that the member can find the best rates.

Pick & Choose The Best Products & Services For Your Members!

At KMG Services, LLC, we are here to help associations like yours provide their members with high-quality, health-related products and services at a corporate cost. Simply pick and choose the benefits that you would like to offer to your members and let KMG Services broker relationships help you with your insurance plan choices.

If you are interested in any of the above products and services for your association members, we urge you to get in touch with a member of our team today.


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