Frequently Asked Questions

Leveraging more than 25 years of experience, KMG Services offers comprehensive billing management and enrollment solutions for individuals, small and large businesses, and more. Our team handles all the back office work for you, including:

  • Invoice reconciliation
  • Payment collection
  • 1099 deductions
  • Comprehensive enrollment

With us on your team, you’ll always be in good standing with your insurance vendors as well as your employees. Best of all, you’ll be free to focus on growing your brand. If you’re an individual, you’ll have elite access to group policies — and peace of mind.

The Benefits For Businesses

We serve any size business. From a few employees to thousands, we’ll handle the ins and outs of your benefits billing and enrollment, allowing you to concentrate on running your business without spending hours on benefits.

When it comes to partnerships, we collaborate with brokers, associations, and chambers of commerce. You’ll have better options to offer your clients as well as a solid revenue stream.

The Benefits For Individuals

Though we primarily serve businesses and organizations, we’re happy to provide our billing and enrollment platform to those who want or need to place individual/stand-alone plans of all kinds by creating a custom powerhouse group specific to your needs. This will open much more opportunity to bring value to your clients. We are happy to help you decipher how to make any program work for you.

Knowledge is power, and we want you to have it!

Benefit planning is an important part of life. It can also add complexity and stress if not handled correctly. Let our team sweat the details and coordinate your plans for complete success. Contact us today to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does KMG Services do/provide?

KMG Services provides billing management and enrollment services of voluntary/worksite/ancillary benefits as a way to relieve the headache of reconciling invoices, premium collection and payment management for employers while also providing a vehicle to provide group benefits to individuals.

Can any size employer participate?

Yes. Although our program can serve any size employer with W2 and 1099 employees it is most beneficial to the smaller employers trying to manage multiple benefit vendors, multiple retiree payments and payment collections, and benefits to numerous 1099 contractors.

How do I pay for a voluntary benefit?

Payments can be made via credit card, ACH, or paper check. Credit Card and ACH methods have an optional automatic recurring payment each month. Payments can also be made through our secure payments page on our website at

What if the payroll department doesn’t want to add another deduction line to the payroll but you want to add another benefit?

KMG Services can help by bundling benefits together into one aggregate amount. If you have 3 vendors at $10, $25, and $35 but with limited deduction lines for payroll then we can bundle them together into one deduction of $70.

Can the agent/broker earn additional revenue?

Absolutely! For any service the broker is promoting, the broker can build in an additional fee into the price of the product that will be paid out monthly to the broker once the funds are collected from the client.

How does this benefit an Association or Chamber of Commerce?

An Association can now offer benefits as a way of attracting new members and retain current members. An added benefit is that the Association or Chamber of Commerce can create an additional revenue stream by receiving a built-in fee, each month, to each and every sale.

How much does this service cost?

Generally, prices range from $6.00 to $10.00 pepm depending on the number of vendors utilized. However, for large employers or membership organizations with a large member base we can negotiate a lower rate.

Who is the target client?

Our services are marketed toward Individuals, Employers, Associations, Chambers of Commerce, PEO’s or benefit carriers seeking to fill this need. If you have a specific situation, please contact us to discuss.

What is the minimum enrollment count for a new group?

One. KMG will accept enrollments down to one life so long as the vendor allows it.

Are these voluntary benefits offered through KMG Services?

No. KMG Services does not provide the benefit. KMG provides billing management and access to certain benefits that would not have been available prior to KMG’s involvement. All voluntary benefits are between the provider and the employer/individual.

On behalf of what carriers/benefit plans will KMG Services handle the billing management?

Any carrier/vendor brought to us we will be happy to engage with them and set up a simple process.

What happens when a member terminates employment?

Much like any group policy or group benefit, once employment is terminated the benefit will terminate. The only exception is individuals that are sold direct with no ties to an employer or group of any sort. These individuals can take the plans with them as the contract with KMG is direct with the individual.

How does the invoice get updated after an employee termination?

Once an employee is terminated, the broker or the employer will notify KMG Services so we can update our enrollment records and be able to correctly reconcile the invoices.

What if an individual doesn’t pay for a month or is late on payment?

Payments are remitted to vendors once per month. If a payment is submitted after the cut-off the payment will be in queue the following month. Payment remittance is the responsibility of the client as KMG Services is not a collection agency.

How often does KMG Services attempt to collect the enrollee’s monthly payment?

After the initial invoice is sent out, a reminder is sent to the client/member a few days prior to the due date, reminding the client that a payment is due in the coming days.

Will KMG Services terminate a policy due to non-payment?

No. Termination due to non-payment is the responsibility of the benefit provider not KMG. As long as payments are made to KMG on time each month KMG will remit those funds to the benefit providers.

What information does KMG Services need to enroll a client?

Please refer to the “How It Works” page of our website at Follow the flow chart to find the option that fits your need then scroll down to the bottom to see the requirements for enrollment. If you have a special circumstance, please contact us.

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